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In contract filling, the products produced are filled into the desired form of packaging for further transport or packaging. This step takes place immediately after the production of tablets, liquids, capsules or powders and usually requires external expertise to save storage space, time and money.

Perfectly filled – Aakamp brings your product into shape

As a contract manufacturer of food supplements and dietary foods, we offer a range of packaging forms for all situations and requirements, including blisters for tablets and capsules, and bags, tubs and bottles for granules, powders and liquids.

Another option is “bulk” as packaging for food supplements that you can assemble yourself. We then make capsules or tablets for you exclusively (even with your very own food supplement raw materials) and will pack them in bags of 1,000 or bags of 10,000. For larger quantities, we use approved clamping ring drums for for supplement manufacturers.

So that you can find the perfect solution for your food supplements, as a contract manufacturer we would be delighted to advise you on the perfect packaging solution for your product.

Packaging Forms

  • Blister: Manufacture of food supplements in blister strips split into packs of 10, 12 or 20 for all common tablets, capsules, softgels and LiCaps capsules.
  • Container: Contract packaging of food supplements in bulk containers or tubs. Here, we work with together with Bech Packaging, Pont and Alpha.
  • Pouch: Sachets – individual bags and stand-up pouches – are a low-cost alternative to supplying customers with food supplements in capsule or tablet form.
  • Bulk: Bulk is the most affordable way of packaging capsules and tablets. In this situation, the tablets or capsules produced are delivered in bags of 1,000 or 10,000 for you as the contract manufacturing client to assemble yourself.

Do you have any special requirements? We’d be delighted to develop your desired packaging – contact us!


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