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Because all packaging for food supplements has to be labelled or packed in collapsible boxes, handling of the printed products is a key issue in the manufacture of food supplements. We have continuous reserves of rolls and sheets in our print shop and therefore offer far quicker delivery times than other contract manufacturers of food supplements.

Packaging- Aakamp Adds the Finishing Touch to Your Product

A cooperative relationship with Aakamp guarantees you production reliability and flexibility. This also includes careful packaging, which we will carry out in line with your requirements. Our experts assist you in developing packaging and labels as effective advertising materials for your very own food supplements. Make the most of our experience to successfully turn your ideas into a reality:

  • Labelling
  • Coding
  • Shrink-wrapping/sleeving
  • Set assembly
  • Individual product design

For the production of capsules and tablets, for example, the packaging has become established in bags or bags. Sealing and protecting of aluminium and film bags is carried out immediately before welding on the manufacturer’s premises for all sorts of food supplements. Sealed bags completely isolate the contents from the atmosphere outside. Bags can also be manufactured, filled and shipped at a low cost. You can even choose between printing and labelling too.

Legal Requirements and Packaging Design

Our skills also include the proper identification of packaging and labelling. You can therefore rest assured that your product will meet all the legal requirements. And because the appearance is a deciding factor when making a purchase, we’ll also take over product design upon request. A harmonious design for your capsules or tablets not only includes a visually appealing label, but also a suitable packaging solution that provides information, so the customer can buy the product feeling good about it.

Thanks to our many years of experience as a contract manufacturer of food supplements and dietary foods, we are on hand to assist you with all of our know-how.


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