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Gummies are intended to be a more appealing substitute for conventional formats. A demand for a distinctive format emerged as a result of the supplement industry’s overall expansion and the phenomenon of potential pill weariness. This format needed to provide the same health advantages as its competitors but in a simpler, better, and tastier manner.

Need states

One of its main selling points is that they can be chewed rather than swallowed whole like pills. Additionally, there is no need to wipe them down with water, so you can transport them without incident. The fact that kids are highly unlikely to take pills makes gummy supplements something of a gift for parents!

The advantage of chewing your daily nutrient and vitamins gummies isn’t limited to not having to swallow a pill, either. Gummies can be more easily absorbed by the intestines when they are chewed up into tiny pieces because there is more surface area for proteins to attach to.

Why to use gummies?

  • Support an active lifestyle with our range of dietary gummies, created to improve mental and physical capacity.
  • A combination of specially formulated edible gummies made to nourish your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Specifically designed gummies to offer individualised nourishment for every stage of development.
  • Take care of your mind with our premium selection of gummies, which are made to help your mental health and to balance your daily routine.
  • For a multifaceted approach to general wellbeing, a better combination of premium active ingredients are used.

Advantages of gummies

  • They have a number of advantages and are currently a favourite of both youngsters and adults.
  • Those who have trouble swallowing tablets have an alternative with the chewable texture.
  • Gummies’ format allows for flavour innovation, so they taste less like supplements and more like sweets.
  • By breaking up the experience, gummies might reduce the stress brought on by a demanding supplement regimen.
  • They offer a kid-friendly supplement alternative, making it simpler for parents to include them in their kids’ daily routines.
  • They may be created to address various need states, such as those related to mind and mood, immunity, skin and hair health, or energy. They’ve evolved to have more actives within a serving suggestion.

Unique selling points

Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe

Natural flavors, sweetener and colors

Veganes Produkt




Ohne Zusatzstoffe

No added

Get comprehensive advice on the manufacture of gummies as food supplements from our experts. We will also explain the limitations of this dosage form to you and will individually accommodate your requests.


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