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Manufacturer forPowder

Powder mixtures are the first choice for some food supplements and dietary foods. Plants requiring a high dosage are ideal for use here.

Variations of Powder of Dietary Supplements

We will work together with you to develop the perfect formula, fully in line with your and your customers’ requirements. Whether it’s a protein shake, soup or instant powder – we’ll create your product in line with the latest scientific and quality standards. And we’re more than happy to accommodate different flavours.

Your Benefits for Powder Mixtures

The contract manufacturing of powder dietary supplements has the following advantages:

  • Over 50 flavours for shakes and powder products available
  • Individual flavours can be developed on request
  • In vegan and non-vegan variants
  • Special technical processes for refinement such as solubility or other technical characteristics
  • Filling in all kinds of cans, stand-up pouches or industrial packaging
  • Demand-driven dosing possible

Ask our experts about the options for the powdery dosage form. We’re more than happy to provide you with further information!


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