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Project Planningfor Food Supplements

Concept planning between the contract manufacturer and customer makes food supplements successful – starting from the initial discussion and production, to packaging the goods and sending them to your customers through the logistics department.

Aakamp – contract manufacturing with full service

As a manufacturer of food supplements and dietary foods, we take over complete handling of your order and offer the perfect combination of expertise and technology. We’re not only on hand to assist you as a technical contract manufacturer in this regard. The first step towards making a success of a food supplement contract manufacturing concept is consistent and parallel validation of all the product-related parameters. We work together not only to coordinate the formula, but also the selection between tablets and capsules, plus the choice of the packaging form and label according to the market alignment of your food supplement.

All of these factors depend on the desired margin, batch size, technical properties and target group, and should be carefully considered to avoid multiple instances of “rebranding” until the ideal product is created. What’s more, we not only offer this service to large customers, but also to customers who have chosen Aakamp as their small-quantity food supplement manufacturer.

Third-Party Formulas or Finished Concept

We work together with you to create capsules, tablets, protein shakes, powder mixtures, granules or liquid products according to your very own formulas. Our manufacturers’ raw materials store is geared towards food supplements, which is why we have most raw materials for your food supplements in house and can therefore make your capsules or tablets quicker than most other European manufacturers. This time-related advantage – combined with our specialisation in flexible batch sizes, which also includes small volumes – enables you to respond more quickly and dynamically than your competitors. We therefore give you a direct competitive edge!

If the concept, formula, choice between tablets and capsules and the packaging for your food supplements are already successful on the market, we are on hand to assist you as a flexible and efficient manufacturer of powders, tablets, capsules and other forms. You can rely on our trustworthiness and discretion for individual formulas.

Registering food supplements

As an experienced manufacturer of food supplements, Aakamp and the associated partners also offer you all the specialist knowledge you need to bring your new food supplement onto the market, not only from a contract manufacturing perspective, but also in a legally acceptable way. Generally speaking, this mainly includes the preparation of all the relevant documents and the subsequent registration with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (as per the duty of disclosure set down in the Regulation on Food Supplements).

Benefit from our extensive range of services and our many years of experience as a reliable and versatile contract manufacturer!


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