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Manufacturer forLiquids

The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing of liquid products allows you different filling options and the consumer flexible dosage options when taking.

Aakamp as a Manufacturer of Liquids

If you’d like to market your desired product in liquid form, then we’re the ideal contact for you. As a contract manufacturer of food supplements and dietary foods, we turn your idea into liquid form, using drinking ampoules or bottles, for example.

Your Aakamp Benefits for Liquid Filling

Liquid fillings offer the following advantages in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing:

  • Different flavours available
  • Individual flavours can be developed on request
  • In vegan and non-vegan variants
  • Special process engineering and modern mixing plants for liquids
  • Easy consumption and needs-based dosage are possible
  • Can be filled in ampoules, drinking bottles, bottles, cans, canisters, barrels or IBCs (intermediate bulk containers)

Here, too, the method has to cover your needs and satisfy your customers at the same time. We are more than happy to advise you further on the manufacture of granules and will work together with you to develop the perfect solution.


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