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Product list of food supplement capsules

We regularly manufacture or have already produced the following food supplement capsules multiple times:


Capsules A to Z

ABM mushroom capsules

Acai capsules

Acerola capsules

Acidophilus capsules

AfA algae capsules

Alfa alfa capsules

Alkaline capsules

Aloe vera capsules

Angurate capsules

Apple fibre capsules

Aquamin capsules

Arginine capsules

Avena sativa capsules

Barley grass capsules

BCAA capsules

Biotin capsules

Bitter melon capsules

Black cumin capsules

Blueberry capsules

Blueberry extract capsules

Brown algae capsules

Caigua capsules

Calcium capsules

Calcium pyruvate capsules

Camu camu capsules

Catuaba capsules

Cat’s claw capsules

Chanca piedra capsules

Chitosan capsules

Chlorella capsules

Chondroitin/glucosamine capsules

Chrysin capsules

Cinnamon capsules

Cistus incanus capsules

Coral calcium capsules

Cordyseps capsules

Coriolus capsules

Cranberry capsules

Creatine capsules

DHA capsules

Diatomaceous earth capsules

Diindolylmethane capsules

Dong Quai capsules

Enzyme complex capsules

Ester C capsules

EPA / DHA capsules

Ficin capsules

Folic acid capsules

Fructooligosaccharide capsules

GABA capsules

Garcinia cambogia capsules

Ginger capsules

Ginkgo capsules

Ginseng capsules

Glucosamine capsules

Glutamine capsules

Grapefruit seed capsules

Green-lipped mussel capsules

Green tea capsules

Guarana capsules

Hericium capsules

Honeybush capsules

Inositol capsules

Inulin capsules

Iron capsules

Jatoba capsules

Klamath capsules

Kola nut capsules

Kudzu capsules

L-arginine capsules

L-carnitine capsules

L-carnosine capsules

Lapacho capsules

Lemongrass capsules

Lithothamnium capsules

Lutein capsules

Lycopene capsules

Maca capsules

Magnesium capsules

Maitake capsules

Milk thistle capsules

MSM capsules

Mucuna pruriens capsules

Muira puama capsules

Mumijo capsules

Nana mint capsules

Neem capsules

Neem oil capsules

Neoptunia capsules

Noni capsules

Nopal capsules

Olive capsules

Omega 3 / 6 / 9 capsules

OPC capsules

Pai mu tan capsules

Pangam capsules

Papaya capsules

Papain capsules

Pineapple capsules

Polyporus capsules

POM capsules

Pomegranate capsules

Pomella capsules

Probiotic capsules

Psyllium husk capsules

Pu-erh capsules

Q10 capsules

Reishi capsules

Resveratrol capsules

Red clover capsules

Red wine powder capsules

Rhodiola capsules

Rooibos capsules

Saw palmetto/Serenoa repens capsules

Sango coral capsules

Schizandra capsules

Seabuckthorn capsules

Selenium capsules

Shiitake capsules

Soya isoflavone capsules

Spirulina capsules

Taurine capsules

Tribulus capsules

Turmeric capsules

Vital eyes capsules

Vitamin B complex capsules

Vitamin C capsules

Yam capsules

Yucca capsules

Zinc capsules



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